The Father Of Social Media


Do you know who started Social Media?   Was it Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Anderson, or Jonathan Abrams? What was the name of the first social media site? Was it Facebook, Myspace, or Friendster?

The truth is none of these answers are correct! Brad Greenspan is the father of modern day Social Networking. He was the CEO behind the company that started Myspace.


The Controversial History of Social Media

Believed in Free Speech

Greenspan believed all users of social media should have the right and freedom to express themselves.   He specifically mentions free speech.

Rebelled After 3 Years

Greenspan rebelled against Myspace just 3 years after he created it.   Greenspan was strongly opposed to the direction Rupert Murdoch was taking it.

Early Censorship

Many conservatives believe that Facebook censors them based on political opinion.  This exact same activity occurred on Myspace, however it targeted the exact opposite group of people.

Learn That History

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