Brad Greenspan’s Timeline

 In Golden Age

LiveUniverse Inc. Seeks to Acquire (SaveSage6).

LiveUniverse has launched its next generation interactive video social networking platform (Press Release).

Meanwhile, LiveUniverse has also purchased revenue sharing internet video hub (news report).

Although remaining separate sites and companies, LiveVideo and Revver will be teaming up to deliver progressive new experiences for internet users.

Last but not least, Anheuser-Busch has partnered with Borba (Press Release).

2008: Launching and Expanding
LiveUniverse launches its next generation interactive video social networking platform (Press Release).
– Purchased revenue sharing internet video hub (news report).

2007: Focused On My New Companies
– Anheuser-Busch partners with Borba (Press Release).
– Took a 30% non-control stake in, a top video news site.

2006: Launching New Ideas
– Launched LiveUniverse, Inc.
– Launched BroadWebAsia.
– Invested and joined Borba team.

2005: MySpace Goes to News Corp :-(
– I was the largest shareholder / owned 10% when News Corp purchased MySpace.

– I did my best to educate shareholders that selling MySpace was not in their best interests, but Intermix the public company that owned MySpace refused to disclose MySpace revenue or profits (in violation of GAAP). Shareholders had no idea MySpace was growing at a 2000% annualized rate. Shareholders were misled and kept in the dark.

– I launched my own offer to shareholders that would have allowed everyone to get the upside ($30 billion) of a public Myspace and keep it independent/public along with higher cash per share amount.

– Instead shareholders only got $327 million for Myspace as my proposal was rejected without consideration by CEO Rosenblatt and other Intermix executives that had cut massive undisclosed compensation deals and received indemnification for a string of their prior misdeeds.

2003 – Launching and its History

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